Tournament 2015 info

Friday, 19 June 2015

Hi All,

There are only 2 weeks left till our tournament!

32 teams have subscribed so we are completely full this year. I will send you the playing schedule next week.

You can see the inscribed teams here:
from some teams we did not receive the payment yet. Please check this.

For those that did not order yet. There are still tickets left for the BBQ on Saturday. 10 euro per person. Please order by sending me a mail.

For those who not join the BBQ, please make sure to make a restaurant reservation. This is quite a busy weekend in Deventer.

During our tournament the is a festival "Deventer op stelten" with a lot of street theater. It is a lot of fun for spectators to have a look or for the participants if there is enough time between the games. Check their website:

Besides the festival we will have our own party on Saturday evening as well!

And a note of our catering:
New this year is Guido's organic catering.
Fries from the wood stove, pizza out of a stone oven
or a good breakfast to start your day full power.
The perfect snackpitstop for a healthy tournament.

If you have any questions please ask!

See you soon!

Best regards,

The organizing comittee
Paul Snijders

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